How to Reap Big from Cattle Fattening Business

Cattle fattening farming business is a very profitable business, and many people are making money all over the world by doing cattle livestock farming …

If you want to be Rich, Become A farmer

“‘If you want to become rich, become a farmer” Jim Rogers,” Still thinking? OK, let’s examine three possible ways you could get into farming this …

How Alex Nkwanga Reaps Big from Dog Breeding

Early in the morning at his family is a backing welcome voice of German shepherds the worlds` popular dog breed. Alex Nkwanga largely rears the Germany …

New Advanced Blood Pregnancy -Test for Cows Introduced in Kenya

For the frst time in Kenya, livestock farmers can know the pregnancy status of their cows much earlier and more conveniently after insemination using only a …

Cattle farmers hit by drug resistant ticks

Tom Muzoora gave up his profession in the city and returned to a village in western Uganda to pursue his passion: cattle rearing. Muzoora takes this passion …

Incubation positions Kenyan youth for agribusiness opportunities

In sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), agriculture and agribusiness sector, according to a World Bank Group report is currently valued at US$ 313 billion industry, and …

Ms Margret Ogaba from Lamwo to Export Honey

“For processed honey to qualify as organic honey, the apiary must not be located in areas where there is an intensive agricultural practice where pesticides …

40Bn Abattoir Investor To Close Over Electricity Bills

Sherif Kallin, the MD and proprietor of the Uganda-Egyptian project for Food Security (EUFS) abattoir project in Bombo, has secured an appointment to meet the …

Getting your First Agriculture Loan!! Dos and Donts

If you are looking at your first farm loan, chances are you need some money to capitalize the start-up of a new farm business or to increase the inventory …

The Agribusiness Awards 2017 to be officiated by President Museveni

Speaking to Journalists at his Office in Kampala Uganda, Mr Haam Rukundo the managing director Rhamz International and the Chief editor of the Agribusiness …


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