Horticulture & Cropping

3 Steps to Prepare Your Garden for Planting

Do you ever wonder why your plants don’t grow well? Or just survive instead of thrive? sowing seeds or plants into ‘dead dirt’ just won’t cut it if you …

If you want to be Rich, Become A farmer

“‘If you want to become rich, become a farmer” Jim Rogers,” Still thinking? OK, let’s examine three possible ways you could get into farming this …

Growing Pumpkins made easy

Pumpkins are a warm season vegetables belonging to the genus “Cucurbita”. The gourd fruit grows on vines and is mainly grown for its culinary elements …

11 Health Benefits of Eating Garlic

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Those are famous words from the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, often called the father of …

Uganda Coffee Production drops by 50%

Kampala — Uganda, Africa’s top coffee exporter, pushed back a target of boosting annual output fivefold by a decade because it has taken longer than …

Judith Bakirya: She abandoned A Government Job; Now earns millions in hundreds

Although she was born and raised on a farm in the Busoga region of Eastern Uganda, farming was not a profession Judith Bakirya ever imagined for herself. …

How to Grow 3.5 million to 350 millions in just 6 years

When Mr Ponsiano Besesa sold his four-storey-hotel in Kampala to invest in forestry in February last year, people thought he was going mad. But the old man had …

Reasons why you should grow beans

Beans are annual plants grown for their edible seeds and occasionally for the leaves that are eaten as vegetables. They are one of the most important legumes …

Getting your First Agriculture Loan!! Dos and Donts

If you are looking at your first farm loan, chances are you need some money to capitalize the start-up of a new farm business or to increase the inventory …

What Does It Take to Be a Successful Farmer?

“More and more,” says Secretary of Agriculture Wickard, “agriculture is becoming an exact science. It is a never-ending science, with many angles that …


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