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The Budget Allocation to Agriculture

It is good to note that the East African Commission is working hard to transition from a commission to A Union. The Economies of the east African countries heavily depend on Agriculture for Taxation, Household Income and Job creation and the recent figures show an average of 70% dependence on direct and indirect employment to peasantry, commercial farming and other agribusinesses. Also, 90% of the industries in East Africa are agro-based implying that they utilize agriculture products as raw materials. Recently, I witnessed a launch of a fruit factory in Soroti Eastern Uganda and I interviewed one of the officials who disclosed to me that a feasibility study for the same project indicated that the local production can only supply 30% of the fruits required for the factory to operate at its full capacity.

This means that the production levels are still very low to satisfy the market. Sharing is very good but I was disguised by the fact that Uganda imports 20% of the rice consumed from Tanzania. Well-done Tanzania whose future seems clear with the current trend of agriculture production statistics: Kenya heavily depends on East African Countries for its food requirements and this should cause a lot of worries because a house with no sufficient food to feed its household is as good as a fatherless home.

With this observation, I am very mystified that all the East African Governments don’t seem to see that you cannot milk a cow that you do not feed. It is simply impossible. I wonder why the Civil Society groups should be advocating for a logical issue. It is important to focus on infrastructure, security, etc but remember the household is the main consumption unit that provides market for all the products and services in any given economy. Therefore the Households need to be facilitated to increase the purchasing power by increasing the productivity through access to agriculture development services, subsidies, and appropriate financing.

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