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The Agribusiness Magazine – “Unlocking opportunities in Agriculture Value Chains”

The Agribusiness Magazine exists in order to foster linkages among existing and potential agribusiness value chain actors & connect Uganda’s agricultural sector to the rest of the world. By doing so, we act as a catalyst to the development of Uganda’s agricultural sector. We inform and connect Ugandans in the agriculture sector, business persons, agriculture programs and projects with modern technologies, practices, ideas, and materials (increase Uganda’s human capital).

We create a market place where deals are made on a monthly basis. This helps Ugandans develop independent, vibrant and profitable agribusiness enterprises which lead to increase in investments in agriculture, create more wealth for Ugandans, create employment opportunities and increase on value agribusiness products that will compete in the international markets.

Furthermore, we help connect outsiders to Uganda so that they can gain a greater understanding of Ugandan agricultural and agribusiness opportunities which exist in Uganda (increase direct and indirect foreign investment in Uganda). We also promote trade between Ugandan companies operating along the Agricultural Value Chains. This approach should help lead to sustainable agricultural development and could lead to growth in other sectors of the economy via linkages.

In order to accomplish these goals, The Agribusiness Magazine publishes a monthly magazine which is distributed in Uganda and online access for the rest of the world. The magazine also focuses upon engaging the outside world with Uganda, getting vital information on farming techniques, identifying comparative advantages, helping our readers learn how to invest in the agricultural sector, connecting non-profits, help farmers learn how to access modern farming equipment, and supporting community efforts for development. We have scholarly articles along with more personal articles, so as to balance the content of the magazine and make it more accessible to a larger audience.

Components of the Agribusiness Magazine

  1. Agriculture Finance
    This section contains articles that inform the readers about the opportunities available in the agriculture finance sector. These opportunities may include agriculture credit both opportunities for users of credit and providers of the credit. It also includes opportunities for funding agriculture projects and partnership opportunities.
  2. Agribusiness Markets
    This section reports on innovations in marketing agricultural products, market opportunities for products along the value chains, how to source for raw materials for agro-based industries, and it is a place where buyers of agriculture products meet sellers of agriculture products. This section also contains opportunities for export of agriculture products, regulations and procedures for export as well as phytosanitary and quality requirements for particular international markets.
  3. Access to Agriculture Inputs
    This section contains articles about innovations in the agriculture inputs sector, markets and partnership opportunities for agro-input dealers and users, issues of certification of input dealers, agriculture mechanisation and innovations in farm tools, machinery and farm structures.
  4. Farmer organisations
    This is the section that reports about the innovations in farmer based organisations, cooperatives, associations and groups, and the general organisation of value chain actors for joint activities. This will be for all value chains in Uganda. The section also includes promoters of FBOs, opportunities for business partnerships with FBOs, bulking arrangements as well as innovations and best practices for learning by the reader.
  5. Post harvest handling and agro-processing
    This section reports on innovations in agro-processing and post harvest handling technologies. The section reports business partnership opportunities available for different value chains, linkages with the manufacturers of the technologies as well as the local simple technologies made here in Uganda or East Africa.
  6. Regional/EA and International agribusiness developments
    This section of the magazine reports agribusiness developments and news in eastern Uganda, western Uganda, West Nile Region, Lango region, central region and southern region. It will also report opportunities for investment in the value chains in the specific regions with full details including contacts of the opportunities. The section will also unveil agribusiness opportunities in East Africa and the rest of the world.
  7. Policy & cross cutting
    The agribusiness sector operates in the overall national policy on agriculture and business. This section will keep updating the readers about the developments in policy, as well as be a voice for the reader on preferred policy alternatives. The magazine will organize regular policy dialogues with the policy makers and roundtable discussions in order to engage the decision makers. Other crosscutting issues such as gender in agribusiness will also feature on this section.
  8. Agribusiness clinic
    This is a section where the readers have a chance to meet the in house consultants for their queries about investments in the agriculture sector. This is available online and our consultants will be on standby to answer your question ASAP because we believe that time is money. This is a bonus service to you our reader.

Target Audience

The magazine targets all the actors along Agriculture Value Chain and the providers of support services. The list below contains some of the target audience;

Input suppliers

  • Seeds companies
  • Farm tools and machinery
  • Vet drugs and chemicals
  • Herbicides and fertilizers
  • Poultry feeds and day chicks

Farmer based organisations

  • Producer groups,
  • associations
  • cooperatives

Processors and Produce Dealers

  • processing companies
  • packaging companies
  • value addition
  • produce dealers and marketers

Exporters and Logistics Companies

  • Export companies
  • Transport companies
  • Handling services
  • clearing and forwarding

Investors in any stage of the value chain

Support services

  • Development partners
  • Non state actors
  • Banking services
  • Advisory and consultants
  • Government line ministries
  • Government projects
  • Government programs
  • Parliamentary committee on agriculture

Cross cutting issues e.g. health


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